Earth Festival 2018

MAY 26-27


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The Earth Festival is the first of a series of four annual festivals, one every season, representing the elements of nature. The theme for this May is focused on Earth: nature, the environment, sustainable living, local communities, and our fellow animals.

Dive into the Action!

Several Dynamic Spaces

Workshops & Seminars

Covering topics in environmental sustainablity, health, and self-improvement.

Music & Live Performances

Bands & chill-out sets by day, Electronic sets on a remote dance stage by night.

Local Crafts & Foods Market

Excellent products to satisfy your eyes and tastebuds.

Fun Activities for All

Creative activities to benefit and entertain all ages!

Early Bird Tickets are Out!

+ Camping spot (Bring your own, limited rentals available)
+ Food coupon + 2 drinks

Wave I : 50 Tickets - 35$ (SOLD OUT)
Wave II : 100 Tickets - 40$
Wave III : 150 Tickets - 45$
At the Door: 55$

+ 2 drinks

Wave I : 30 Tickets - 20$ (SOLD OUT)
Wave II : 80 Tickets - 25$
Wave III : 120 Tickets - 30$
At the Door: 35$

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- Ticket Sale Locations -
(Updates Daily)
Luna's Village, Hamra
Soul Spa, Verdun
Beit Ra, Monot
Third Eye Arts, Jeitawi
Art of Living, Forn el Chebbak
Gym Bar, Stamina Gym Rabieh